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The Great Simplification: Rajesh's personal favorite for the sheer diversity of perspectives in the Climate space. In this podcast the host, Nate Hagens has conversations with experts in energy, ecology, government, technology, and economics to discuss systemic issues in Climate Change.

Economics for rebels: This podcast by the European Society for Ecological Economics aims at communicating ecological economics ideas in order to open them to critical discussion and test their applicability, from global problems to people’s everyday lives.

Cleaning Up: In this podcast Michael Liebreich has a conversation with a leader in clean energy, mobility or climate finance to discuss technical aspects and the nature of leadership required for the low carbon energy transition.

Simplifying Complexity: This podcast is about the underlying principles of complex systems. On each episode, the host Brady Heywood breaks down a specific concept in complex systems in detail.


In the video below Mark Mills, distinguished senior fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and former senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, explains so lucidly the shortage of critical metals and rare minerals in pursuit of all electric and renewable powered future.


You will enjoy reading the books below (will publish reviews later).

Book cover of 'Entangled life'
Book cover of 'Nutmeg's curse'
Book cover of 'Scale'
Book cover of 'Antifragile'
Book cover of 'Sync'
Book cover of 'Does Altruism exist'

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