Anabe Labs is an interdisciplinary research and evidence-based publishing started by Rajesh Hegde in 2023 to publish content on Climate Change with emphasis on human ethics over technology to address the complex issues in this field.

Rajesh comes with academic background in Chemical Engineering (MSc from University of Alberta) and combined industry experience of 8 years in Canadian oil and gas industry, carbon offsets and emission reduction assessments for low carbon technologies.

Brief personal journey so far

Rajesh is native of Karnataka, India and got fascinated by the underground world of fungi through the book Entangled Life, authored by Merlin Sheldrake. This inspired him to keep the organization name as Anabe Labs. 'Anabe' is the Kannada word for mushrooms and 'Labs' reflect the interdisciplinary and scientific nature of our projects we undertake. Based on the context, 'Anabe Labs' can be interpreted in multiple ways.

Rajesh visited Sangatya commune in Karkala, Karnataka in 2016, managed by Dr.Shreekumar, his ex-University professor. He was moved by the farm's circular economy principles and the Gandhian values being exercised there. Subsequently he quit his job in the Canadian oil and gas industry and transitioned to Climate change work through consulting on emission LCA and carbon offset projects.

Profile picture of Rajesh
Rajesh in front of Kaziranga National Park,Assam

What you can expect on this platform

Rajesh writes articles on:

  • Complexities in the low-carbon energy transition (global and regional)
  • Climate resilient strategies for cities in the Global South.
  • Lessons from the farm trials.

This platform would also amplify existing and emerging research work from academia, think tanks etc. on Climate Change and Conservation strategies for the Global south. He plans to bring guest writers soon on this platform to share their subject matter expertise for our readers.

Rajesh would appreciate your feedback, questions or comments on the articles we published through our email id: Please contact us at the same email id for queries on republishing our content or request for contractual content writing work.

Content writing on this platform is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

How can you support

Your monetary support would help me in rigorous research (field trips, paywall access to certain publications) and facilitate payment for guest writers, eventually scaling up this platform for impact.

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